Friday, April 20, 2007

Very blissful day!

My husband is pretty much a work-a-holic. He doesn't work because he loves it, he works because he has to. He's taking over the family business and there is a LOT to do so he is always working. It has been taking a toll on our family for quite some time.

This week has been a great turn around for him. He came to not one but TWO of our daughter's soccer games. He hasn't brought any work home all week so we've been able to have family dinner's and movie nights together. And the best part...

WE'RE GOING CAMPING TONIGHT THROUGH SUNDAY EVENING! I'm so happy! He took the whole weekend off just for us.

A whole weekend of fishing, relaxing, roasting marshmallows, nature walks, picture taking and knitting.

BLISS! I'll be back on Monday for an update. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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