Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tangible Bliss

I took a shower this morning with the most decadent smelling product. It is so heavenly I have to share it with you.

This is my tangible bliss:

This smells so good I want to drink it (well not really)! My favorite beverage is an ice cold glass of freshly brewed iced tea with a lemon wedge. I could drink it all day long. This smells just like it. Go to Bath and Body Works today and get some. You won't regret it!

My other tangible bliss is something you can in fact drink.

My secret buddy got me a gift bag yesterday for Easter with 2 flavors of coffee: Vacation Villa Vanilla and Cottontail Delight. It's heaven in a cup.

Isn't this cute?

So there you go. My tangible bliss for the day. Isn't it amazing how the simplest of things can make a person so happy?

Have a blessed day!


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