Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Sunshiney Day. Complete with Sunburn!

Morning fellow readers!

I worked in the yard yesterday from 9am-5pm. I raked all the leaves that I could get to (there are still leaves stuck in the branches of the bushes along the fence and it's annoying me) and I picked them all up and stuffed them into bags. 7 giant bags full! I picked up all the sticks in the yard, weeded the garden and put all the rocks back where they belonged. After I did all that I put together the canopy swing from...let's just say it's not from heaven. It was made in China. Need I say more? It took me 4 hours instead of 1 like it should have. The directions said "Easy Assembly". Yeah if you are a sweat shop kid in China that puts 100 of these together in one hour. Give me a break people!

After cranking the handle of the little L shaped screw driver and holding the wrench for those 4 hours and having to start over 3 times on just about every screw I put in tightly...well my arms are rubber.

The back of my legs hurt, my arms throb, my butt is sore and I have a sunburn. But it was a job well done and I'm proud that it is finished.

My husband seeded and fertilized the front yard and got the sprinklers working. He used one of those leaf blowers (it also sucks them in too) and sucked up all the leaves on the side of the house.

Our 3 year old son was with him and walked over to where we have a basement window. It has a plastic bubble over it to keep out the rain and leaves. Well it must have been on there for years because it was quite brittle. He put his arms on it and it cracked and he fell into the hole *whimper* I swear he had a guardian angel holding him when he fell because he only had a tiny bruise on his forehead. There were rocks at the bottom. It was a good 3 feet deep and he's fine! Seriously...another miracle. I doubt nothing these days. I am so thankful he was ok. What a scare!

Last night after I had sat in my completed swing with my husband, I was sore but feeling content. I didn't have a lot of energy left but I still made a nice Mexican dinner with chicken, monterey jack cheese, corn tortillas, green chilie sauce and whole green chilies. It was a layered casserole and it was decadent! I even had a Corona with lime to go with it. Mmmm!

I was feeling really tired after dinner and quite dirty from all the dust and the leaves and sweat that was on me from working all day. I went upstairs to take a shower and a thought hit me. So I grabbed a few candles and lit them and took a shower by candle light. It was glorious! What a novel idea! I forgot how relaxing candle light is. I came out of the shower and lathered on my favorite smelling lotion (Honey Almond) and put on a big comfy t-shirt and cotton shorts and laid in bed while the candles were flickering away.

My husband came up and said he was going to hop in the shower so he took a shower by candlelight too. Then he shaved and put on Obsession cologne. When he smells like that...oh just watch out! We were going to watch a movie but it was so relaxing laying there together...freshly showered and smelling delicious and watching the candles. Well that movie never did get put in. Instead we had a romantic evening that left us both sighing with contentment. No you aren't getting details! It was incredible though ;)

Despite my slightly sunburned arms and super sore muscles, I slept like a baby.

Today I'm sitting here writing this post while sipping my decaf hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. I have fresh strawberries on a plate in front of me. I'm sore but feeling happy.

Following my bliss never felt or tasted so good :) Have a wonderful day!


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