Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gaining more self confidence - Priceless!!

I've lost over 6 pounds in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how easy this first week on WW has been! In the past I have struggled daily on WW with eating too many points or craving too many "bad" foods. This week I've been focused and determined and I'm a woman on a mission. I just went to the store at the beginning of the week and stocked up on all the right foods so there was no room for failure.

I even started this journey on day one of my period. Now that is a challenge!

Last night I went to the Olive Garden with my best friend/sister-in-law (she's been my best friend for 13 years and my sister-in-law for just 1 year...she married my husband's brother) Ok back to the good part... We ordered soup, salad and breadsticks for dinner. I looked up the point values and planned my meal before we even left the house. I had 2 bowls of minestrone soup, 2 bowls of salad with their low-fat Italian dressing on the side and I had 2 bread sticks. I went to bed last night a point under my daily goal.

We went to the mall and walked around for nearly 2 hours. It was fabulous! No whiney husband constantly looking at his watch or uttering "are you done yet?" children crying in their strollers... just 2 girlfriends out browsing the mall. It was truly glorious!

I rewarded myself last night for doing so well this week fixing my health. I bought a gorgeous black leather purse from Macy's. It's a Liz Claiborne. I don't normally spend more than 15-20 bucks on a purse but this one called to me. It was marked 48.00 and I got it on sale for 36.00! I was so excited!

So every 10 pounds I get to buy something just for me...something small. And every 25 pounds I get something my hair done or a massage :)

I have 100 pounds to lose and when I reach goal and God willing I will...I'm going on a cruise with my dear husband. If we can afford the extra cost I'll take the whole family :)

Today I feel like singing "I'm walking on sunshine...oh yeah...and it's time to feel good!"

Bliss comes in all forms!


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