Monday, April 2, 2007

Following my bliss and good things are happening!

We attended church service at the same church that put on The Thorn this past week. We are drawn to this church in countless ways. It makes us feel warm and welcome and just plain comfortable. It's like putting on your favorite pair of sweatpants and soft slippers with an added fluffy blanket around your shoulders.

We walked in with our entire family yesterday and were immediately welcomed by a warm and caring man and woman. They were so happy to see us and they shook our hands and gave us hugs and said "Bless You". Just what I needed first thing in the morning.

We went over and registered our toddlers with the children's section and took them over to their rooms. Well our two year old is a social little thing. She doesn't mind going to a stranger's room to play and so she did just that. We put her in the room and she ran over and grabbed a toy and didn't even care that we had left! lol

Our son on the other hand... well he normally wouldn't go near a stranger with a 10 foot pole. However at this church they make the kids feel like they are going into an enchanted forest. The stairs are decorated like a woodland path going into trees. It's very creative. At the top of the stairs was a kind woman with a great smile blowing bubbles at the new kids. This wand had 20 something holes in it so there were a LOT of bubbles. Our son ran over and yelled "Bubbles!" and he was hooked! Turns out she was his classroom teacher.

This may not seem like much but for us it was truly a miracle. We were able to leave him with that woman and all the bubbles and he was happy! He was absolutely fine with us leaving to go to the main church! Wow!

So we went and took our seats sans toddlers. Amazing! Our second oldest daughter had never been to this church for a service before. You should have seen her face when the lights dimmed and the stage lit up and they started rockin' out Christian music. It was bliss. It was like a mini-rock concert in that building. Teens were dancing and had their arms extended to the skies praising God! In this church you can express yourself at any point. People yell out AMEN! at something the pastor says. People clap loudly all alone if they connect with something the pastor says. It's amazing.

Compared to our old church we are just in awe of this behavior. At our old church you just sit there. You don't speak. You certainly don't dance or raise your arms to heaven. You can't express yourself because you will stared at by the entire congregation. No thank you!

I found my spiritual home and I couldn't feel happier today. All my children had a wonderful time. Both our toddlers had an absolute BLAST in the day care center. I feel like a miracle happened yesterday. My son had FUN with strangers!

I can't wait to plug in to the smaller groups at this church. I found out they have a knitting group full of people MY age! Not all elderly people...MY age! Yay! They have cooking groups too! I love to cook! They have reading groups and crafting groups and moms of preschooler groups! I am pretty darn excited to tell you the truth.

I'm following my bliss and I feel like my life is taking on new meaning. Even my husband is in a really good mood today and is excited about going next week. My mom will be coming with us too! That is a miracle unto itself! Bliss!


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